Friday, November 14, 2008

First Blog!!

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blogger account! My name is Honey and I love snuggling with people and exploring my mom's yard! I am adventurous and smart. I am a Tiffany Calico and my aunt got me for her birthday! I think dogs can be really annoying and my neighbors cat is really mean to me! Here is a story that is explaining what happened last summer: I was outside, and all alone except my mommy was out with some friends. I was hiding in my bushes because Roxy, the family's papillion had been barking at me a lot and I was mad at her and wanted to be alone. I dont speek dog very well, so I dont know what she said. But anyways, then my neighbors' cat Gracie, and my other neighbors' cat Newton were being SO mean to me! They were meowing at me and trying to scratch me! I climbed the fence into my backyard, but so did they! I faught with them, and Newton bit me! I started scratching my sliding door to get inside and luckily mom was on the computer, so she let me in. I was so happy to be inside and I still hate those mean kitties!
xoxo, Honey bunny:)

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